At Google I/O we announced our plannings to incorporate a number of brand-new capabilities to help creators handle their items better in Android Market. Our company delight in to allow you know that the most up to date of those, a number of APK assistance, is right now readily available. Several APK support is a brand new publishing possibility in Android Market for those developers that desire additional control over distribution.

Until now, each item listing on Android Market has featured a singular APK documents, an universal haul that is actually deliverable to all entitled gadgets– around all system versions, monitor measurements, as well as chipsets. Broad distribution of a single APK functions effectively for almost all treatments and ranks of simplified product servicing download apk.

With numerous APK support, you can now post multiple versions of an APK for a solitary product list, along with each one dealing with a various part of your clients. These APKs are actually comprehensive, private APKs that share the same package deal title, but have code as well as resources to target various Android system models, display screen sizes, or GL texture-compression styles. Android Market opts for the best APK to deliver located on the attributes of the device when users download or even obtain your app.

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Android Market handles them as a part of a single product providing that accumulations the app information, ratings, as well as reviews throughout the APKs when you submit multiple APK data. All individuals that scan your app’s details page view the very same product along with the exact same summary, branding resources, screenshots, video, rankings, as well as remarks. Android Market also aggregates the app’s download stats, evaluations, and also payment information around every one of the APKs android comics.

Several APK help gives you a variety of techniques to control app distribution. For instance, you might utilize it to create separate APKs for phones as well as tablet computers under the very same product list. You could likewise utilize it to make the most of brand new APIs or even brand new components capacities without affecting your existing customer bottom.