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The Mambo Sprouts Mission and Purpose

We believe all people should have access to natural and organic products, simply and affordably. We teach and inspire people to make better lifestyle choices and give them lots of ways to save on what’s in their carts, no matter where they shop.

By teaching people how to choose healthier lifestyles and save money on natural and organic products, we can help eliminate food waste and end hunger in our communities.

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Serving Up Easy,
Healthy Recipes

Preparing healthy meals and family dinners should never, ever be hard or stressful. Whatever your palate’s pleasure – from Vegan to Paleo – we’ve got you covered. Check out these simple-to-follow recipes from our favorite brands and foodies. We’ve got quick, delicious options for any time of the day.

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Why You Need a Personal Mantra

Say your personal mantra, and say it again. Say what? A personal mantra is a short phrase you can repeat to help motivate and calm yourself. Personal mantras can serve so many purposes, from broad...

These Unique Yoga Classes Will Blow Your Mind

Planning to get your zen on this summer with some yoga classes? Now’s the time to branch out into some more unique yoga practices. Goat or bunny yoga, anyone? Here are four to try.Goat Yoga What it...

Start Your Own Gratitude Practice at Home

The point of a daily gratitude practice is to train yourself to notice and appreciate all the good things happening in your life, right here, right now - and then to express real thankfulness for...

Go on a Retreat – Without Leaving Home

Whether you’ve been on a retreat in Costa Rica or somewhere closer to home, you know the rejuvenating effects that time away from the rest of the world has on your psyche and body. Lots of people plan...

Summer Meal Prep Made Easy

We’ve got some quick tips to make your summer meal prep a breeze - and healthy! Try theme nights. Some families set theme nights for fun and consistency. For example, Mondays might be grilled panini...

I’ve Got a Food Allergy – Now What?

A food allergy can rear it's ugly head at anytime. You’re out to dinner, about to devour your scrumptious plate of surf and turf, when you break out in an embarrassing case of hives all over your face...

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We believe a healthy lifestyle shouldn’t cost more. Browse our freshly picked coupon collection to save on the highest quality natural and organic products. Have fun choosing your favorite products, and then hit print. It’s that easy!


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