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About Mambo Sprouts

Two decades ago, we saw Americans beginning to embrace healthier, more eco-friendly lifestyles – something we’ve led the charge on from day one till now, with education and exclusive savings on premium natural and organic products.

Our Story

Where We Hatched

Back in 1996, our founder Matt Saline was practicing law, but jogged around with a secret passion for healthy living. During one of his regular visits to a local natural foods store, he noticed there were almost no coupons or educational materials aimed at natural or organic products consumers. Literally, less than you could count on one hand. His wheels started turning.

One year later, the attorney-turned-marketing guru launched Mambo Sprouts. His goal? To make healthy living easy, fun, and of course, accessible and affordable to everyone.

From Humble Beginnings to a Mambo Nation

What started as a newsletter and couponing direct-mail program has exploded into the flourishing, ever-growing Mambo Nation that also spans in-store and mobile promotions. When you join our wellness-conscious community, you’ll receive easy, actionable tips to living a healthier and greener life. Plus, we take the stress out of searching for natural and organic products by introducing you to carefully curated, trusted brands – and then land you sensational savings on their premium products.

22 Years Later, and Our Mission is Still About Making Healthy Living Affordable for Everyone

Our founder, Matt Saline, leads the healthy charge by continuously partnering with premium brands to bring you information and savings on products that promote healthy living. As pioneers and thought leaders in the wellness space, the Mambo Sprouts platform educates as many people as humanly possible about how to live healthy (while being smartly budget-sensitive). Today, the company has grown into a leading natural and organic media and marketing company.

What We Love

Helping You Live Healthy Everyday

Back in the mid-’90s when our little tribe got together, we wanted to do two big, life-changing things: educate people about choosing a healthier way of life with natural and organic products, and give them lots of ideas and ways to save on those products.

That’s why we add smart health information, inspiring tips and valuable offers to The Naturally Mambo blog 52 weeks a year.

And because we’re so devoted to people like you who appreciate natural and organic products, we provide big, value-packed offer opportunities (via email, snail mail, mobile and in more than 1,000 retail stores), making it even easier for you to live healthy and save.

Helping End Hunger in Our Communities

One in eight Americans is going hungry. That’s just not acceptable. That’s why we’re committed to helping our communities and beyond eliminate food waste and end hunger. While we live locally, volunteering at our area food banks and partnering with local media to highlight ways we can all help those in need, we also think globally. We donate part of our proceeds to national hunger-relief organizations and local food banks. We also use our platform to increase food-waste and hunger awareness, especially in food deserts – those urban areas where it’s really difficult for people to purchase affordable or good-quality fresh food.

Our Family

About the Mambo Sprouts Team

Our team brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in the healthy living space – and we’re excited to share tips on how to live your best life. Plus, we dig scoring you sensational savings on natural and organic products that fit your lifestyle.

Matthew S.

Matthew S.


Favorite movie: Anything by Mel Brooks

My superpower: Perceptivity

My ideal dinner party guest: Benedict Cumberbatch


Matthew C.

Matthew C.


I’ve been told I look like: David Boreanaz

The name of my boat as I sail around the world: Money Pit

On my late night talk show, my first guest is:
Clint Eastwood



Dorm Mother

Favorite movie: Beaches

Teleportation or Flying:

The name of my boat as I sail around the world:
Wave Good-bye




Production Coordinator

I’ve been told I look like:
Gwyneth Paltrow

My perfect dinner guest:
Melissa McCarthy

The Olympic sport I’d compete in: Figure skating




Creative Director

My guilty pleasure:
The Real Housewives (of everywhere)

The name of my boat as I sail around the world: NaMASTe

Favorite movie:
Gone With the Wind



VP of Sales

Favorite Movie:

The name of my boat as I sail around the world:
The Black Pearl

My most-used emoji:
Thumbs Up




Senior Web Designer

Likes: Sports, art, tech

Favorite healthy food: Blueberries

My favorite band:
Pearl Jam





Production Coordinator

I’ve been told I look like: Mowgli from The Jungle Book

Favorite healthy food: Zoodles

My guilty pleasure: MTV’s reality shows and eating Nutella from the jar




Graphic Designer

Coffee or Tea: Coffee! So much so that my graduation cap was Dunkin’ themed

My most-used emoji: The Raising hands emoji #praise

My perfect dinner guest: My dog


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