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What are some Earth Friendly things about your company that people should know?

More than 35 years ago, RiceTec introduced a rice variety called Texmati®, which is the first aromatic rice to be grown successfully in America and resembles the basmati rice grown in the Himalayas. Texmati® rice is a specially flavorful, all-natural aromatic rice requested by name in countless recipes and cookbooks. Texmati® rice stays firm and separate after cooking, and it is extraordinarily delicious. The same passion that inspired the development of Texmati® then guides us today. Not to mention our jars are BPA free!

What is your company doing to Celebrate the Earth this month?

Our company is working with the Arbor Day Foundation to plant 100k trees throughout the US. Additionally, we are serious about our commitment to develop, grow, package and sell the world’s best rice. From our proprietary rice varieties, and rigid “inspect each grain” quality, to our unique, innovative packaging, RiceSelect® products are truly different.

Why do you feel it’s important to be an Earth Friendly company?

It is a key and guiding principle here at RiceSelect to be Earth Friendly. Our philosophy is to embrace values, which are essential to bringing you high-quality rice and pasta products. Because of our commitment to quality and innovation, our award-winning products are recognized worldwide for their outstanding taste and texture. When you buy any RiceSelect® product, you know it comes from one of the most experienced and diversified rice companies in the world. We offer products that are grown, milled and packaged in the United States under internationally recognized and validated management standards. We also offer specialty-food products from around the world.