Navitas Organics - Superfoods

About Navitas Organics - Superfoods

How do you make sure your products are made with natural and pure ingredients?

Navitas Organics uses the most health-boosting plants in the world to provide super-simple, super-nutritious superfoods. Always organic and non-GMO, our range of premium superfood ingredients and snacks give you the energy you need to live each day to the fullest.

Which of your products are Non-GMO certified?

All our superfood ingredients, seeds & nuts and Power Snacks are verified Non-GMO.

What is your brand doing to promote Non-GMO awareness?

At Navitas, we believe that Living Life Positive is both directly tied to the food you choose to eat and extends well beyond that essential action. That's why in addition to ensuring our products are all non-GMO and organic, we only source superfoods that are grown in ecologically sustainable ways and often on small farms.