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About MadeGood - Snacks

MadeGood is free from the following food allergens:

shell fish
tree nut

How do you make sure that the food you produce does not have any top 8 allergens? 

We deal only with our trusted suppliers who can provide safe and allergen free ingredients. We have very strict rules on handling, tracking and using these ingredients while making MadeGood products. Employees are well trained on the importance of our allergen friendly environment and follow the protocols for safety and cleanliness very carefully.

Are your products made in a dedicated facility? 

MadeGood products are made in a dedicated facility that is completely peanut and tree nut. Our snacks are also free from soy, dairy, egg, fish & shellfish, sesame and gluten.

What is your most popular product and do you have any new products coming out? 

Our Chocolate Chip Granola Bar is our most popular product, followed closely by our Chocolate Banana Minis. We are in the process of launching MadeGood Crispy Rice Squares in Vanilla and Chocolate Chip. These are an updated version of everyone's favorite childhood treat but free from the 8 common allergens, organic, non-GMO and with the nutrients of a serving of vegetables in each one.