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About Frontier Co-Op - Spices

Frontier was born a co-op, and is still a co-op. Since our founding in 1976, Frontier has been a member-owned co-op dedicated to supporting and advocating values of the cooperative community. We remain firmly committed to our founding values of integrity, openness, social responsibility, and respect for the environment.

Frontier Co-Op New Label

Co-ops around the world are bound by a set of seven principles. Originally developed in the 19th Century, these co-op principles have changed little since and remain the core values of co-ops everywhere. They guide Frontier to do business with integrity and responsibility as representatives of the tens of thousands of member stores (many of them co-operatives themselves) and buying clubs that are our owners.

We have always thought of the way we do business as an essential part of our success — advocating environmental sustainability and ethical business practices — and we consider it a requirement of our future success that we grow and prosper by contributing to the world rather than exploiting it.

Every spice has a story.

We're proud of our products, those stories, and the way we do business at Frontier. We know our values are shared by you and now we have a label that highlights those values. It's all right there on the label — our co-op heritage, our commitment to stewardship and ethical sourcing, our concern for quality, our use of organic and natural ingredients, and the direct partnerships with our suppliers that set Frontier Co-op apart. Our new label makes it clear that Frontier Co-op is the go-to brand if you care about what's in your food, where it comes from and how it affects the people who produce it.


On each label you’ll find:

The Spice's Story
Attributes or sourcing information unique to each spice.

Good Stuff We Have
Quality assuring logos and certifications prominently displayed.

Bad Stuff We Don't Have
If you're concerned with GMOs and chemical processes, you can be confident in the quality of our products.

Unique Hand-Drawn Illustrations
We wanted to bring the farmers' market feel to our spices set. Each label is hand-drawn to reflect the care and attention we give to every product.