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About Familia - Swiss Müesli

Familia Swiss Müesli is as pure, raw and original as the Swiss medic who invented it over 100 years ago. Whole grains are mixed with in-house roasted nuts and drum-dried fruit flakes to make a great tasting, creamy muesli. They recommend you soak it at least 10 minutes, up to over night in the refrigerator, with milk of your choice. Add variety to it with fresh fruit and yogurt. Also ideal to boost your smoothies for more sustained energy.

From Switzerland to You

Familia Müesli is produced in the picturesque setting of beautiful Swiss mountains and the fresh Alpine air. Villagers work for the company and make this authentic and traditional Swiss Food with great care in small Batches. 

Familia has been producing healthy cereals for the whole family for over 50 years. Familia muesli and granola are natural and nutritious options for breakfast or as a snack. With a wide range of tasty products from original muesli to crunchy granola, Familia offers an option to suit anyone’s taste!

Familia Müesli was the first international cereal to carry the non-gmo stamp. In Switzerland, they produce everything non-gmo by law.

By investing in the environment they are investing in the future. Familia proudly does their part to help the environment by:

  • Supporting farmers who believe in preserving the environment by using “earth-friendly” methods of growing and processing foods
  • Solar Panels on the Roof
  • Regaining heat from granola baking to pre-heat the water system
  • No toxic waste water whatsover
  • 100% green electric power from the local drinking water 

Familia working to be carbon neutral by 2021