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About Dark Dog Organic - Energy Drinks

Committed to a healthier, more sustainable way of life, DARK DOG ORGANIC created great-tasting, refreshing, organic energy drinks that cater to the needs of consumers who care about their well-being in search of tasty, nutritious products free of unnecessary ingredients and chemicals.

You can feel good about drinking a can of DARK DOG ORGANIC because it has been certified by the USDA and verified by the Non-GMO Project and it contains 100% of the recommended Daily Value of B Vitamins and Vitamin C to promote good health.

More product attributes:

- Certified ingredients
- USDA Certified Organic
- Organic cane sugar
- Organic coconut sugar
- Plus B Vitamins
- Plus Vitamin C
- Sodium Free
- Natural Flavors
- Sustainable energy boost

You can choose from four different flavors:

  • Original: The authentic energy drink flavor. It was created for consumers who love the flavor of energy drinks, but it is certified organic and sodium-free. This product is based on Mursalski tea extract, which is high in antioxidants.
  • 50 Calories: Combines the flavor of elderberries with high antioxidant green tea, yerba mate, and acerola berry. It is the perfect combination for a healthy and active lifestyle.
  • Blood Orange: Contains freshly squeezed organic blood orange juice from Sicily, as well as black carrot organic juice, providing consumers with delicious orange flavor combined with natural caffeine making your perfect morning drink. This product is sodium-free and high in antioxidants.
  • Our new Coconut Water: It is the first organic energy drink in the market based on coconut water with a great Piña Colada light flavor. With ingredients high in antioxidants and only 50 calories, it is the most refreshing drink to energize yourself

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