Buried Treasure - Liquid Nutrients

About Buried Treasure - Liquid Nutrients

Buried Treasure is the forerunner for liquid nutritional supplements. They offer products that have a full range of benefits like their VM100 complete to function specific such as their Herbal Iron. Their innovative products come with the liquid advantage that pills, tablets and capsules cannot offer. The Buried Treasure Liquid Advantage simply allows us to create products that have superior absorption and higher potency for less cost.

Buried Treasure has been creating nutritional supplements since 1996. From Their early colloidal mineral products to their most recent NutriPacs (available soon), Buried Treasure has been the industry leader in liquid nutritional supplements for many years.

All products are made with the finest ingredients. Each ingredient must pass through their strictest quality control. Before any product can reach store shelves they must be tested again and pass their quality standards.

They do not use artificial flavors, sweeteners, colors or additives in any of their products. Many products are dairy, wheat, yeast, gluten free.

History of Buried Treasure

Buried Treasure is manufactured by a privately owned company, Life Line Foods, which has been involved in the Health Food Industry since 1969. Buried Treasure is a nutriceutical division, founded in 1996, and specializes in the manufacturing of liquid minerals, liquid vitamins, and liquid speciality nutrient formulas. It is on the cutting edge of manufacturing high potency liquid complexes designed for efficient absorption and greater bioavailability.

Buried Treasure produces optimum potency synergistic liquid formulas which contain no fillers, binders, or excipients. Experience the “liquid advantage” with Buried Treasure.