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At Alexia, our creativity and passion for the highest quality, crafted foods runs deep in our roots. Every dish we cook up is made with the same philosophy: Take simple and make it extraordinary.

How It All Began

Alexia started by hand selecting the finest all-natural ingredients and seasoning them with an inspired range of herbs and spices. And since we produced our sides only in small batches, Alexia soon became a much sought-after favorite for the most distinguishing food enthusiasts. Whether seasoning our Beauregard Sweet potatoes with spicy chipotle or our organic Yukon Gold potatoes with sea salt, we always use real  ingredients, respectfully sourced and prepared, putting quality and exceptional taste first. 


Alexia has paved the way with creatively seasoned and crafted natural dishes at the forefront of our evolving food culture. And to this day, Alexia continues to create dishes that celebrate our passion for inspired food.  For example, our new Alexia Truffle Fries capture the full aroma and complex flavor of black summer truffles often enjoyed at high-end restaurants.  And our new Alexia Yukon Select Garlic fries are another delicious offering, generously seasoned with Garlic, parsley and sea salt.”



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