These Yoga Classes Will Blow Your Mind

June 11, 2018 by •

Planning to get your zen on this summer with some yoga classes? Now’s the time to branch out into some more unique practices. Goat or bunny yoga, anyone? Here are four to try.

Goat Yoga

What it is: Goat yoga practices, oh my – during these fun group classes, miniature goats roam freely, and snuggle and play with participants as they move from pose to pose. Plus, if you didn’t already know, goats have a reputation for climbing: At Nashville, TN-based Shenanigoats, it’s not uncommon for the miniature goats to hop on participants’ backs as they’re doing the downward dog.

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Participants love interacting with the miniature goats at Nashville, TN-based Shenanigoats

Why it’s so great: You’ll tap into the benefit of human-animal interaction, which releases oxytocin (sometimes called the “love hormone”). Plus, playing with animals raises your brain’s serotonin and dopamine levels (boosting your mood) and lowering cortisol, which is released in response to stress.

Bunny Yoga

What it is: This is basically like goat yoga, but with unbearably cute rabbits. Sunberry Fitness in Richmond, British Columbia, hosts bunny yoga classes – which actually have huge waiting lists. As participants start their yoga poses, the rabbits run out of their cages and “choose their humans,” and sit and snuggle next to them on their mats.

Why it’s so great: Some health benefits from yoga with furry friends include enhanced mood, lower blood pressure and heightened flexibility.

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Candlelit Yoga

What it is: This is regular yoga, but by calming candlelight. The practice focuses on relaxation, so you’ll focus on stretching and mindful breath, rather than breaking a sweat. You can even do this at home before bed to destress and get ready for sleep.

Why it’s so great: Proponents say that you’ll experience sounder sleep, improved mood and even better concentration. Crunch Fitness, a nationwide fitness chain that offers candlelit yoga classes, also created a DVD so you can do candlelit yoga at home before bed.

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Infrared Hot Yoga

What it is: This steamy yoga session heats up with an infrared radiant heating system, which provides a comfortable sun-like warmth without the harmful UV rays.

Why it’s so great: Infrared radiant heat makes surface temps, like a floor or even your skin, feel 3 to 8 degrees warmer than the air temperature. The direct warmth on your body during the practice can feel soothing while it boosts flexibility. And, since the heat’s distributed directly, the heating panels don’t blow air, creating a quiet and peaceful hot yoga experience.