We are what we eat, so choose wisely.

March 18, 2015 by Amy Needle

Titles, fads, and diets are not for me. I really don’t like to hear people always talking about weight and food; I enjoy talking about recipes and delicious ingredients.

People tend to give me lots of push back (including my husband) about giving up certain foods. They feel this is how we have been eating for years, with my favorite quote being “Amy, it’s in the Bible. Even Jesus broke bread.” I tell them that maybe it’s not for everyone, but it worked for me. Although I did need some personal motivation to help me through, it was well worth it. I watched my painful GI symptoms subside and my skin clear up right before my eyes!

One of the hardest things to overcome was realizing the difference between actual hunger pangs and superficial cravings. The saying that worked best for my husband and me when we felt an unhealthy craving coming on was, “Are you hungry enough to eat a hard boil egg?” If you are, go eat a healthy snack; if not, it’s just a craving.

Clean eating has not only changed my health for the better, it’s given me a new hobby and a new fun way of cooking. My mom is a great cook, so I always felt pressured to be a master chef, which I’m most definitely not (yet). But the more I experimented with recipes, the more confident I got in the kitchen. Once you get a handle on your basic ingredients, you’ll be having your own cooking show in no time. Even better, home-cooked meals really make you appreciate the value of your meal (and they taste better too!).

Not only am I (now) a clean-eater, I am also an ICU Nurse. I see the importance of nutrition in my patients and their healing process every day. There are so many factors that reflect the healing of skin, immune system, and muscles. IT’S ALL CONNECTED! We are what we eat—more than we will ever know.

Clean eating can be fun and easy. And if you think it costs too much money to sustain, wait until you see your doctors’ bills.

My helpful take-away tips:

  • Cook double the amount and freeze for times of need
  • Keep many healthy snacks around
  • Eat enough protein to keep you full until the next meal
  • Research your ingredients
  • Meal plan for the week

Keep at it!