Twice the Spice

November 2, 2015 by •

As a (self-declared) amateur art enthusiast, I find that the most engaging pieces of work are all about details.  Small things, the things that you can never quite put your finger on, are the things that keep you coming back for more.  In paintings, it’s the hidden bristles left on the canvas by a working brush.  In dance, it’s the way a choreographer can teach a dancer’s fingertips to speak.  In cooking, it’s in the spices. 

After all, what is more beautiful than the magic of creating taste?  Any combination of spices has the power to make or break any meal; so it goes without saying that in the creative studio of a cook’s kitchen, the palette of spices must be appropriately stocked.

I make sure to stock up with Frontier Co-Op.  Their hand-drawn labels are multi-purpose because they dress up my boring, colorless spice rack, and bring to mind the same sentiment of a hand-written thank you note: that the person making these labels cares about me, and took the personal time out of his/her day to show it. 

Beyond the charming aesthetic appeal of these bottles, I have also come to find that Frontier Co-Op spices are Non-GMO, Non-ETO, and Non-Irradiated.  They clearly list the attributes or sourcing information for each spice, and share their story on every bottle.  Born and raised co-op, Frontier remains a co-op to this day that is just as cautious about what I eat as I am.

On the subject of art, there is also one last advantage to choosing Frontier Co-Op.  The delicious flavor packed into every bottle adds the perfect finishing touch to even the simplest of meals, pulling through to satisfy the “starving artist” in all of us.  If that’s not real beauty, I just don’t know what is!