Sunday Funday: Rest and Prep

February 27, 2015 by Emily Curran

Sunday is my favorite day of the week for many reasons. Aside from the fact that it is, hands down, the best day for T.V., I also get to sleep in as late as I want, and think about food all day long! Sunday is my reset button to get ready for the next seven days; what is coming up at work, when will I be squeezing in my workouts and time with friends, and most importantly, what am I doing for breakfast, lunch, and dinner? In the past year, in an effort to recover holistically from Lyme Disease, I have discovered the importance of clean eating. After eliminating a great deal of gluten, dairy, and processed sugars from my diet, I have noticed a tremendous improvement in my energy level and various other symptoms. However, I never would have made it longer than a week on this new extreme diet if I hadn’t fallen into the practice of meal prep.

Because most of the food I eat is not processed, it takes a much longer time to prepare and can’t be thrown together last minute after I’ve hit the snooze button just a few too many times in the morning. What I have found, in my experience with tardiness and healthy eating, is that having a few staple foods pre-cooked and ready for a brief reheat can make a world of difference. And now, in this special time between the end of football season and the beginning of Game of Thrones, I can really focus all of my motivational Sunday energy on stocking my fridge with the super foods I need for success.

Easy meals for me usually include a protein, a starch, and a green vegetable, so I always make sure to have enough chicken ready for 3-4 meals, as well as a gluten-free pasta dish or (my absolute favorite) roasted potatoes. Doing all of my cooking on Sunday is cost effective, eco-friendly, and shaves hours off of my daily routine. And during a week filled with errands and obligations, every hour is precious! Whether I make a big batch of one dish or a handful of varieties, I can rest easy before Monday morning knowing that no matter what happens, at least my tummy will be happy.