Steeping Adventure

March 14, 2016 by •

Living “outside the box” is fun, but it is certainly not easy. We are constantly faced with choices that can either lead us down a continuing road of comfort, or propel us toward a new adventure that completely changes the flavor of our day. While I can appreciate the security that comes with sticking to the same daily routine that has always worked, I personally find excitement in the detours on my morning commute or the menu changes in the hot food bar where I always get lunch. That’s why I’m constantly choosing the alternate road of adventure. Because life tastes better with a little bit of wonder, so why not embrace it?

TazoThe best part of living with this thirst for curiosity is being able to discover the little things that can color my day brighter without even trying; things like Tazo tea. With the taste of delicious ingredients like hibiscus, lemongrass, and chai spices, Tazo tea offers unique, original blends that perk me up from the moment I roll out of bed in the morning. It’s the perfect tea for a pioneer like me, whether I’m looking to add a fancy flavor to my boring mug of chamomile, or flaunt an enticing iced chai latté in front of my co-workers.

I can trust the quality of Tazo too, because all of their ingredients are naturally-sourced, and never artificial. They even have testers who try each flavor before boxing it up (sometimes up to seven times!), and carefully investigate each exciting blend. After trying their teas, I’m even beginning to wonder if Tazo will bring me on as a tester. Sure it’s ambitious, but thanks to Tazo, so are my taste buds!

*This is a sponsored post.