The Smoothie Chef’s Secret Ingredient

May 5, 2016 by •

You know what they say: “A smoothie a day keeps the Doctor away.” Or is that apples? Selective listening tells me that whoever “they” are, they say smoothies. 

I am very comfortable with this assumption because it allows for limitless creative freedom when it comes to the fruits, veggies, and other miscellaneous ingredients that go into my blender every morning at 7am (much to my roommate’s dismay). I could live on smoothies if “they” said it was acceptable, but I’d have to endure many a skeptical look from non-smoothie drinkers who had trouble believing that there was enough room in my blender for the appropriate amount of daily protein. For those skeptical lookers, I’d have an answer all prepared: Amazing Grass Protein Superfood.

Even though I am currently receiving protein from other foods, I still make sure to include Amazing Grass Protein Superfood in all of my smoothies. It is a trustworthy, USDA Organic and vegan product, and the best finishing touch I could ask for. The deliciously smooth taste of their Original and Vanilla flavors makes me feel like a gourmet smoothie chef, adding my secret ingredient that has tasters everywhere questioning how on Earth I’ve done it again. Amazing Grass Protein is remarkably grit-less, and stands out above the other protein competitors with their unique Chocolate Peanut Butter flavor, which is the only plant-based protein of its kind.

Healthy Smoothie

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Sometimes, when I’m really feeling wild, I’ll have a second smoothie of the day right after my daily workout. This smoothie is arguably more enjoyable than my morning one because the Amazing Grass Protein promotes lean muscle and nourishes my energy, making it feel like I am truly maximizing the benefits of the gym, rather than undoing my time with a sugary protein bar or store-bought meal. This smoothie also satisfies hunger and aids digestion, so I can go to bed on a calm and satisfied tummy.

It’s amazing how many things Amazing Grass is, but it’s even more amazing how many things it’s not. Their Protein Superfood is gluten-free, dairy-free, grain-free, and Non-GMO, and they don’t add any sugar either! With 20 grams of complete plant-based protein from pea, quinoa, chia and hemp, 7 alkalizing greens, and 9 nutrient-dense fruits and veggies delivering 2 full servings, there’s no wonder why this product is deemed a “super” food.

Like I said before, if people could live on smoothies alone, I’d be the first person to sign up. But since I have to settle for only 1-2 smoothies a day, I’m sure glad to know that I have Amazing Grass on my side, with a secret ingredient that I love to share.

Check out some tasty Amazing Grass smoothie recipes here.  This is a sponsored post.