Seitan: it’s not just for Dinner

April 13, 2016 by •

Everyone has their grocery store staples. For me, a trip to the store is not complete without hummus, dark chocolate, and a whopping bag of potatoes. I’m a creature of habit, so my weekly meals depend on these items to avoid the looming question jabbing me throughout the day of “what am I going to make for dinner?” But a girl can’t survive on hummus and potatoes alone, she needs her protein.

Keeping turkey or chicken on hand at all times usually does the trick, but lately I’ve grown a little tired of lean meat. And red meat is so controversial that I hit the market for a new protein source. I ruled out veggie protein, because I am shackled to the world of meat by a matter of satisfaction. I like something that I can chew. Something that’s full of substance, flavor, and easily added to my quick yet delicious dinners. After weeks of research, I discovered something new. I’m not a vegetarian by any means (and may never be), but if I were, I think this find from Pacific Foods would be just the way to do it.

Pacific Foods Seitan Original

Before I knew about seitan (pronounced say-tan), I had written off meals that were entirely plant-based. Made from wheat protein, red beans, and sprouted lentils, the protein commonly known as “wheat meat” completely changed my opinion on meatless meals. Of course I still crave the occasional chicken dish, but it’s nice to know that my Meatless Monday adventures can now reach beyond a boring bowl of pasta or a lifeless salad, and actually fill me up with a delicious taste of protein. Pacific Foods Seitan offers 15-16g of protein per serving, and its affordability takes all of the decision-making out of my weekly trips to the market.

I’m all about seitan now. I’ve tried it in stir fry, sandwiches, gyros, and sliders, and on top of salads and rice. It’s so convenient and comparably versatile to chicken or turkey, it might just be the most versatile protein I’ve ever laid a fork in! Pacific Foods even goes a step further to facilitate my seitan cooking experiments by offering amazing flavors like Korean BBQ and Italian Herb. But don’t get me wrong; the Original flavor is tasty on its own, with a mild flavor that goes with just about anything.

Pacific Foods Seitan Italian

Pacific Foods Seitan is made from the highest quality organic ingredients, vital wheat gluten, red beans, and sprouted lentils and is also Dairy-Free, GMO-Free, and Soy-Free/Vegan. The 12oz. BPA free packaging has a two year shelf life (although it wouldn’t last longer than a month on my shelf without me cracking into it). Much like my emergency stash of dark chocolate, potatoes and hummus, Pacific Foods Seitan has become a staple in my grocery shopping. It’s a meat-free option for the meat lover in all of us, and a delicious treat for everyone else.

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