Resolutions..Just Say NO!

January 9, 2017 by Mambo Team

This year, the Mambo Sprouts Team decided to rebel against the expectations. Yup, you read that right. No more resolutions! No more setting unrealistic goals that open the door for “failure,” only windows for success! Each team member found an area of their lifestyle that could use a little work and pledged only to pay more attention. If you feel stuck on setting a personal goal or lifestyle change, here are some ideas our team has thought of to enter the new year:

  • Kim is incorporating a plant-based diet into her lifestyle.
  • JoAnn is taking the challenge of running two half-marathons.
  • Christine dedicates this year to eat less gluten & exercise more daily.
  • Leah’s main goal is to run a 10K.
  • Justine aims to drink a gallon of water everyday.
  • Maria will start to grow her own garden on organic foods.
  • Taralynn will be switching to dairy-free milk
  • Alyssa is eager to cut back on carbs and focus on walking 10,000 steps a day
  • Emily is avoiding chemical consumption
  • Chris S. will attempt to shop more at his local farmer's market

lifestyle change goals

As a team, we’re supporting everyone’s commitments to achievable lifestyle changes as we take it one day at a time. Core values such as growth, self-discipline, and improvement are just a few of the many elements we have decided to focus on in an encouraging, pressure-free environment, and so can you! So we say #NoResolutions.

Be an inspiration and be your best with us as we send our positive energy into the New Year. In the comment section below, enlighten others how you plan to make your inspiring lifestyle change.