Real Butter. All the Time.

November 4, 2015 by Mambo Team

Remember when fake butter used to be a good thing?  You know- back when scrunchies were cool and Jazzercise ruled the world?  What was up with that?  We like to file all of these fads into the “what were we thinking” drawer and try our best not to ever open it again.  We’ve learned more since those days, and have made great strides toward better fashion, better fitness trends, and best of all: better butter.  

Organic Valley Butter. Bake. Repeat.

Nowadays, the “in thing” on the butter circuit is knowing exactly where it comes from and what goes into it, plus bonus points for staying organic.  So naturally, there isn’t much of a question when it comes to what product we choose to spread on our toast and add to our recipes.  Organic Valley’s award-winning butter is full of  organic whole milk from pasture-raised organic cows and free of antibiotics, synthetic hormones, pesticides, and GMOs.  We can believe its real butter, and we love the way real tastes!

Since 1988, Organic Valley has been churning out a trustworthy product made by farmers who care.  By keeping veterinarians and an animal wellness expert on staff, they provide the best care for their cows and in turn, the best care for their milk.  Each cow is fed a healthy mix of pasture plants to ensure it receives the necessary vitamins and minerals, and spends the day grazing to stay in peak physical strength and condition.  Their milk is then separated, churned into cream, and crafted into the prized butter that has had gourmet chefs and home cooks coming back for years.

Decades from now, when we look back on 2015, there are bound to be a few files that will join the scrunchies in the “what were we thinking” drawer.  But luckily, it’s safe to say Organic Valley will still be making great products that will always be 100% organic and 100% in style.

Organic Valley Butter