The Perfect Balance

January 6, 2016 by •

Life is nothing less than one giant balancing act. It’s hectic; which is a fact that certainly shouldn’t come as much of a surprise, but it does come with a price. We need to balance friends and family, school work and (work) work, and somewhere between all of this juggling, we need to find the space and time to account for our appetites. When the majority of our time awake is invested every day into “more important” priorities, healthy eating often falls beneath the radar. If it weren’t for stomach growling to remind us to eat, who knows when we would find the time?

Of course, this mentality is ideal for the empty meals that fast food drive-thrus have offered as a solution to our hunger pangs. Chain restaurants now pop up around us, and their frozen meat-like products have become the quick fix to all of our empty bellies.

But imagine a world where, instead of nutritionally devastating “value meals,” there was a quick fix that we didn’t have to feel guilty about eating later on. Something that we could grab on the go, that didn’t make a crummy mess or have to be covered in ketchup for an extra kick. Imagine something like Organic Valley Organic Balance.

Organic Balance protein shakes are the perfect solution to a hectic schedule. With creamy and delicious flavors like Vanilla Bean or Dark Chocolate, you can indulge in the taste while rejuvenating your body with all the nutritional benefits. The short ingredient list on every shelf-stable bottle is made up of nothing but 100% organic and fair trade components that are also lactose and gluten free! Organic Balance shakes are also guaranteed to pump you full of natural energy with 16g of protein and 50% RDI Calcium in every bottle, making them the perfect choice for an afternoon pick-me-up, or a delightful morning start-me-up.

We can’t always be expected to make flawless decisions in our diet, especially when we are on the go. But thanks to Organic Balance, the real decision is quite simple: now or later?

Organic Valley Organic Balance