Peas of Mind

November 3, 2015 by •

June babies love peas. Haven’t you heard? It’s a proven theory- at least in my family. Between the two children that were born in June, we can’t get enough! That’s why I was so excited to hear about the long-awaited return of these green beauties to the Westbrae Natural Right from the Field line. Organic, Non-GMO, and grown in the USA, Westbrae is one of the few canned vegetable brands that I trust. And when they say “right from the field,” they mean it! Their vegetables are processed within 24 hours of harvesting and packed in recyclable cans with a Non-BPA lining.

It’s not just about the peas, though. When I pick up my canned veggies, I also fill my cart with Right from the Field Organic Cut Green Beans and Golden Sweet Corn. More than half of my weekly meals depend on these ingredients for the delicious taste and nutrition, and of course the beautiful burst of color they add to my plate. The vegetables take minutes to prepare, and are priced right in line with my budget.

If I’m eating vegetarian, Westbrae helps to take the pressure off by providing countless vegetable options that have all been sustainably farmed through cultural, biological, and mechanical practices. This way, I can eat with a completely clean conscience knowing that, from the very first seed, my food and my planet have been treated with the same compassion that I grew up around. In honor of non-GMO month, I challenge you all to go out there and try Westbrae brand, and to give peas a chance!

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