Organic Food Subscription Service Yeah or Neah?

February 23, 2015 by Danielle Taylor

So, I guess I should start off by letting you know that I’m dedicated to an organic food lifestyle. I don’t buy fruit, veggies, or dairy that isn’t organic. I don’t preach my philosophies to others, but I’m pretty strict about it in our home, in the food that I prepare for my family. I’m a frequent shopper at my local organic grocery store and I must say I always love my shopping experiences there. I have friends and family that point out that it is pricier to shop there, but I’m content to pay more for the pleasant shopping experience and the quality of food I find there.

As much as I love going to my local organic grocer, I was intrigued the other day when a friend mentioned that she was looking into a door to door organic food subscription service. I had tried one year ago and we eventually stopped using it because we were getting too many of the things we didn’t love, while our boxes would be short on our favorite fruits and vegetables. Also, it wasn’t exactly delivered, you still had to go out to pick it up, so the convenience factor wasn’t really there.

After talking to my friend I decided to go and research the subscription service 2.0, because I figured there were bound to be some improvements made in the last eight years. I’m really glad I did, I could not believe what I found. In my area the best option was, Door to Door Organics. Not only can you customize your boxes, you can add other food items as well. They have organic dairy, meats and fish. They also have a bakery, drinks and other pantry items too. While the add on to the boxes were a little bit more than you might normally pay, the convenience of getting them delivered for free, more than made up for the extra charge. I was also pleasantly surprised to find the fruits and veggies in the boxes were very reasonable, in fact I found their prices on fruits and vegetables were probably less expensive than at the supermarket. The assortment of fruits and vegetables were good and now they offered up to 5 substitutions to customize your box, exactly to your liking. Another great feature of the service is that you can sign up to do it 1 time or 10 or 52, whatever works best for you.

Although I still love to go to my local grocer to pick up fresh flowers, their peanut butter, locally made pasta, and countless other things a subscription service cannot offer, I can honestly say I definitely see the value of the organic subscription service too. While I dream of warmer weather and strolling around my local Farmers Market, Door to Door Organics is the perfect substitute for my Farmers Market fruits and veggies during these endless raw days in February. Door to door delivery will be an affordable luxury!