Non-GMO Soy Sauce we can all enjoy!

September 25, 2015 by Mambo Team

If you are like many Americans, who realize that healthier living and proper diet are directly linked to better health, then it is time to get on board with Non-GMO month this October. You can do this by taking a closer look at the foods that you consume that have been genetically modified. In the United States up to 80% of conventionally processed foods contain GMO’s, (genetically modified organisms). Soy is one of the crops at highest risk, but alfalfa, canola, corn, papaya, sugar beets, zucchini and summer squash crops also need to be considered.   Unfortunately, GMO’s do not require labeling, so it is important to find products that proudly display the Non-GMO verified label. That is where the Non-GMO Project comes in.  They are a great resource to help learn the facts about GMO’s and to learn what products are non-GMO verified. 

Most Americans identify soy with Asian Cuisine, and because of the prominence of genetically modified soybeans it has been difficult to find a non-GMO soy sauce until now. It is important to know that not all soy is bad! You can enjoy an Asian meal without the worry and San-J is one company that is making sure that you do.

San-J Tamari Soy Sauce and Asian Cooking Sauces are verified Non-GMO by the Non-GMO Project*. What a find! They are also all natural, kosher, gluten free and made with the highest quality ingredients.  Many thanks to San-J Asian Cooking Sauces, they have made creating healthy Asian meals at home, easy and delicious!

*Look for a Non-GMO Project seal on the label.

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