Morning Cereal Salvation

March 24, 2015 by Rebecca Bartley
This is a sponsored post.

My morning routine was always to sacrifice breakfast for an extra 10 minutes of deciding what shoes to wear to work. Then I’d rush to the office and pray someone brought in bagels, or better (worse?), donuts. I needed to find a way to have a quick breakfast I can store at my desk and that won’t leave me with the post carb jitters before lunch.

That’s when I discovered Back to Nature cereals. At first I was skeptical since I’ve always equated cereal with a sugar rush, but the naturally wholesome ingredients made me give them a try. These super cereals have tons of protein. Plus instead of processed wheat and corn products that usually make up cereal, these have sprouted whole grains. Sprouted grains are much easier for me to digest and keep me full even if my afternoon meetings run late. They are also Non-GMO verified, which is one less thing to worry about as I tackle my day.

My favorite is the Berry Sprouted Blend with freeze-dried blueberries. It’s so perfectly sweetened and crunchy, I’ve started to hide it in my desk from curious coworkers. It’s good as a snack to munch on if I know I’ll be grabbing a late dinner, but I love it best with almond milk to start my day.

The only downside is that the guy from the pastry truck on the corner sadly waves to me as I walk by, but no giant bagel will lead me astray now. Besides, my afternoon status calls go much smoother when I am not hangry.

Back to Nature