Clean, Declutter, Re-Energize your Living Space

March 20, 2015 by Danielle Taylor

By the time March rolls around each year I always find myself feeling blue. I attribute it to seasonal affective disorder, lack of sunshine and time outdoors, basically Winter Blues. By the end of February I’ve had enough of the snow, cold, hats and coats, chapped lips, dry skin, I’ve even had my fill of fireplaces, hot chocolate, cozy sweaters and all of the things that make me love winter in the beginning. I guess the worst thing about March has always been how blustery it is… how you know by month’s end that the warmer weather will be a little more consistent, but you still have to push through winter’s last hurrah first.

A few years back I started dedicating March as a month of cleaning…just thinking about it lifts my spirits. I start planning for it in February and it gives me something to look forward to. I begin by purging things from the house, cupboards, and closets. Clothing, furniture, knick knacks, books and papers. Honestly nothing is off limits or safe. It is a massive reorganization that takes some prep time and then the whole of the month to do properly. I have a husband, three kids and a dog and we accumulate lots of stuff over the year and March has become like a Spring Clean on steroids at our house.

After we have decluttered it is so much easier to organize and then get down to the nitty, gritty job of cleaning. We use organic cleaning products in the house and although I’m always on the market for a great new cleaning product, I have some tried and true cleaners that I go back to again and again. Murchison-Hume Boys Bathroom Cleaner, white grapefruit scent, is a really effective, delicious smelling bathroom cleaner. Nothing lifts dust and fingerprints from glass like JR Watkins Aloe and Green Tea window cleaner and Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day Honeysuckle Counter top Spray is great for countertops, wood and really anywhere you want a fresh smelling clean. I think spending all of this time and energy on the house helps me focus less on the time of year, the fact that we are still prisoners to the forecast, and gives me something to plan and dream about. By April the house is in tip-top shape as we prepare to spend much less time in it. This year I want to tackle a mental decluttering as well, ambitious, I know...but more on that later.