Lunch Bag Ready!

August 24, 2015 by Danielle Taylor

This is a sponsored post.

Once our kids go back to school, we lose the ability to eat lunch together every day, but we can still pack them optimal nutrition on the go, as long as it’s tasty too. That way little ones will enjoy what they eat while remaining properly nourished throughout the day. High quality protein is a key ingredient, which helps to maintain stable blood sugar levels and a balanced mood  that will help children to continue to go long and strong throughout the day.


It’s important to have good meat, that is hormone and antibiotic free, raised humanely, accessible to as many people as possible—including your little kiddies. At Applegate, they make that their priority. Meat, water, salt, and spices are all you’ll find in their products.  They take pride in serving only the best lunch meats from start to finish.

Applegate makes food people love to eat; things like deli meat, hot dogs, and chicken nuggets. Their meats come from animals that are on a vegetarian or grass fed, diet. They are treated humanely and are given no antibiotics or hormones. The meat does not contain nitrates, phosphates, added preservatives or artificial ingredients. Here’s to superbly nourished kids!