Just a Spoonful of Honey Makes the Allergies Go Down

May 20, 2015 by •

If only Mary Poppins had known about this natural remedy for today’s crippling allergies—she might not have ever needed the sugar, or the medicine! As it turns out, there is a way to combat the relentless sneezing, and the arid, desert eyes of allergies without having to take a trip to the Drowsy Aisle of your local pharmacy for a temporary fix. It’s as simple as the Birds and the Bees—in fact, it’s even simpler.

Scratch the birds and follow your local bees all the way down to the nearest store that sells their honey. Local, raw honey contains the same local flower pollen that could be a large contributor to your allergies and therefore, is believed by some to prevent the symptoms that come along with the first bloom of the spring season.

This is, of course, just a theory that has not been backed by much scientific proof, and in some cases it does not always do the trick (sorry, Ms. Poppins). Another option, however, is to see an allergy specialist about a little something called Allergy Injections.These natural shots help to thwart allergy symptoms by exposing susceptible people to a specific pollen or pollen mixture that is injected at regular intervals. These injections tend to see a much higher success rate than raw honey because the pollen amounts can be monitored and increased as need be.

One small side note—allergy injections usually take several months to have a lasting effect, and are a much better defense for the allergy season after which you receive them. So hop, skip, or buzz to it! Your clear sinuses await.