It's Soup Season!

November 12, 2015 by •

When the days start getting dark at 4pm and you can no longer run outside without a coat to get your newspaper, it’s clear that winter has finally arrived.  Admittedly it’s a bit colder and more depressing than summer, but there are a few silver linings.  More cold weather means more comfy wool socks, and more fluffy marshmallows on top of a steaming mug of hot cocoa.  And perhaps the best part about winter is that it marks the beginning of a cozy, savory kitchen adventure, more commonly known as Soup Season!

While nothing hits the spot quite like a warm bowl of homemade chicken noodle soup, Soup Season calls for a bit more creativity and a lot less work.  Thankfully, Back to Nature has already taken care of the thinking.  Subtle twists, like the addition of ancient grains to traditional soup favorites such as Minestrone and Farro, Chicken Tortilla with Red Quinoa, Chicken & Wild Rice with KAMUT®, Beef & Barley and Tuscan 3-Bean with Kale and Millet soup, make all the difference in taste and nutrition when you’re buckling down for the winter ahead.  Back to Nature soups also offer delicious gluten-free, non-GMO options that are good sources of fiber and protein and come ready to eat, in more sustainable cartons, not cans.

But what’s a bowl of tasty soup without a tasty cracker to soak it all up?  Back to Nature thought of that, too!  Between the Stoneground Wheat crackers and the new Gluten Free Adzuki Bean Crackers, there is an option for every soup flavor the cold weather blows in.  The bean crackers are made from a simple list of gluten-free ingredients that include brown rice flour, beans and sea salt, and are only 120 calories per serving.  You can toss a handful of Fiesta Lime Black Bean crackers in your chicken tortilla soup, or float a few of the sea Salt Adzuki Bean crisps alongside your 3 beans and Kale. 

While it’s sad to pack away the flip flops and board up the windows for the cold months we have in store, it’s exciting to gather up all of the fun flavors that will help to make for a sensational hibernation, and a delightfully appetizing cold front.