How The Internet of Things can Save the Planet

April 11, 2015 by Rebecca Bartley

The tech world tosses around a lot of buzz words but one that’s currently on everyone’s tongue is the Internet of Things, or IoT. Trying to stay on top of trends is hard, but you may already be a part of it. If you have a smart watch or other device that tracks your activity and health, congrats, you’re part of the IoT trend!

What’s new about this trend is that it is growing, and you may not expect where it’ll head next. For example, don’t be surprised when you start seeing smart refrigerators that send messages to your phone to remind you when you’re low on milk or toasters that are synced to your sleeping patterns and have hot toast ready for when you wake up.

future fridge 

Here are some devices to connect and manage your home even when you’re on the go. These devices can help monitor energy usage in your home, sleep cycles, and exercise.


  • This device comes with “cookies” you can affix to almost anything in order to track your actions. Stick one on your child’s toothbrush and see how long and how often they brush. Put one under your pillow to monitor sleep. They all link back to the Mother device, which has lots of apps that sort the data to give you more information about your daily life.


  • This smart thermostat is a key to saving energy. You can set and control temperatures in your home from your phone. There are settings for when you’re on vacation and how to keep your home cool without blasting the AC. There are also other appliances and devices that can be synced to the Nest thermostat as well, and even some cars that alert Nest to when you’re on your way home.


  • This mat is like having a yoga instructor right in your home. It “learns” your ability and monitors and corrects your alignment in real time. Plus with the app it tracks progress toward your yoga goals. Now there is no excuse not to start your day with a good yoga session.


What I like about this trend is that it keeps me aware of my unconscious consumption. I may think that just because I turn off appliances or don’t blast the AC I am being a responsible energy consumer, but there are lots of things that still use power. Other devices help me quantify my fitness and wellness goals. I always say I need more sleep, but I can now track my progress.

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