On the go eats worth sharing…

February 2, 2015 by Danielle Taylor
This is a sponsored post.

So my kids will grow into their taste buds, right? At least that is what I keep telling myself. Every day, two of my three lovelies add something else to their “Never make this again, Mom” list. For a foodie that loves to cook this is a nightmare. I care about where food comes from and really take pride in using only the best ingredients. I need to be sure that I’m giving my kids food that will nourish their little bodies, not just fill them up.

The one type of food that all three of my kids will always eat is Mexican. I too love Mexican, so it has become a staple in our house, as it is a crowd pleaser and I don’t cringe at the end of the meal throwing out plates full of uneaten food. As they grow and our evenings fill up with sports and dance I was so happy to find Evol foods. They share my passion for all natural ingredients free of preservatives, colors, additives and fillers. When you buy a bean and cheese burrito, that is what you get. They use meat that is US farm raised without antibiotics, meat that is fed a vegetarian diet. They also use non-GMO grains, veggies and oils and cage free eggs. All of these things make me feel good about giving EVOL Foods to my kids. I’ll admit my kids loving the taste and asking for more is pretty great too.

I was happy to find that EVOL foods has more options for grown-up taste buds, too, like Butternut Squash and Sage Ravioli, Lemongrass Chicken, and Truffle Parmesan Mac & Cheese. It is rare to find frozen food that is real and tastes delicious, they make even the “on the go” eating an experience worth sharing. Who knew you could get quick, easy, healthy and delicious all in one package!