Five Easy Fun Things to Do as a Family to Celebrate the Holidays!

December 10, 2015 by Danielle Taylor

Every year I’m amazed by how quickly the holidays come upon us. I feel like I’m still trying to sort the Halloween candy when Thanksgiving arrives and then I blink and the season of giving is in full swing. Being of the mindset that I did not want to waste a second of this special time with my kids, a few years back I started making a suggestion box for holiday ideas. Everyone then comes up with ideas about how they’d like to celebrate the season. I realized that I would need to make a conscience effort to organize our days in order to truly feel the spirit of the holiday. Creating a calendar of events helps to keep the celebration going the whole month long. Really I think of it as a way to maximize the magic that comes along with this season. The suggestions run the gamut, everything from holiday haircuts to ice skating with old friends. The idea is making every day special, turning the mundane into magic.

Here are five of my favorites to date...

Caroling Through the Neighborhood...this is an inexpensive, fun way to spend time with the kids, their friends and bring joy and levity to the neighbors. We gather our closest pals, print out sheet music and practice a few songs in the living room and then head out. The neighbors are always so welcoming and a few times we’ve been given candy canes and cookies.

Close Friend Cookie Swap and Movie Night...Invite your dearest over, have everyone bring their favorite cookies to share...swap them out, make hot chocolate and watch your favorite holiday movie.

A Holiday Drive...get into your pajamas and pile into the car to look at all of the houses, lights and decorations. This is my son’s favorite and every year it is the first suggestion he makes.

Ornament Making-This is a great time to get creative together. Keep a few for yourself and then make some more for family members and friends.

Wrapping Gifts...wrapping together can be fun. Add some holiday music, egg nog and buy a pretty assortment of paper, string and bows and you will be surprised how fun this monotonous activity can be.

It’s hard for kids not to get swept up into the commercial side of the holidays, but I’ve found that creating these special times together, helps them to understand and appreciate the true meaning behind the season. Happy Holidays!