Every Gain Needs Fuel

February 2, 2016 by Mambo Team

Gains. That’s what the kids are all about these day—myself included. It’s an umbrella term for progress, and it’s thrown around at the gym more often than any one of the hundreds of medicine balls you’d be likely to find there. The first time I heard the term, I had overheard a trainer in the heat of his motivational speech to a client.

“Making gains is all mental, Sandra. Your body hears everything your mind thinks. Push yourself!”

I thought it was some sort of new cross training move. Apparently I was wrong.

“Gains” can mean anything from forming new muscle, to taking another step towards your goal weight, to being able to stay on the treadmill for half a mile longer without collapsing. Although I had to disagree with that trainer’s philosophy about the “gaining” process, because any fitness gain is mostly mental, but essentially unattainable without the proper fuel.

I have driven myself to the borders of crazy and back by looking for the recipe for the perfect, homemade, post-workout shake. At one point, my roommates were actually afraid to open the freezer because of the large amount of frozen fruit placed precariously behind the door, just waiting to fall out on them. And then with the discovery of one post-workout beverage, everything changed.

Now my workouts are not complete until I have recovered with the reward of Organic Fuel made by Organic Valley. It’s lactose, gluten and GMO free, and is filled with 26 grams of protein from naturally occurring whey and casein in real, organic milk. The wholesome ingredients are everything my body needs to build and repair lean muscle and maximize energy, while constantly performing at its peak with minimal soreness. They also guarantee that I’m not undoing all of my hard work by filling up on artificial and other unnecessary ingredients that so many other protein shakes use.

This is a sponsored post.