The 6 Essentials for an All-Natural Summer

August 8, 2015 by Rebecca Bartley

Summer isn't over yet and there are certain things I just can’t get through a summer without. I switch up my beauty products to things that are light, and smell great and protect me from the harsh summer rays. My summer wardrobe becomes light and flowy, because even if I am not at the beach I still can pretend, right?

Here are my picks to stay chic in the sun. You can decide to splurge or save so you can possibly put a little aside for a trip someplace more tropical. 

1. The Perfect Beachy Hair Spray 

I just can’t endure the futile torture of blow drying my hair then walking out into the humidity, so I say la vie and reach for a beachy texture spray to give my hair some light waves.

a. The Splurge:  

John Masters TM Organics Hair Spray, $16.50

This spray not only gives great light texture, but makes my hair smell amazing.

b. The Steal: 

Make your own by dissolving sea salt, aloe and your choice of essential oil in water. Shake up in a spray bottle and use on clean damp or dry hair to give it a “just back from the beach” feel. 

2. The Key to Staying Hydrated

Water is life, but sometimes you just want a little extra.  Break open a coconut (or bottle) and pretend your desk lamp is really the umbrella on a Thai beach.

Written By Rebecca Bartley 

a. The Splurge:

 Harmless Harvest Raw Coconut, $5.49

Although pricier than it’s coconut water peers, this is your best bet for organic, fair trade and raw coconut water. 

b. The Steal: 

Look for young Thai coconuts in your local Asian Supermarket.  Thai coconuts are sweeter than coconuts grown elsewhere, and you can buy them in bulk. 

3. Naturally soft skin solve

I typically ditch my hefty winter moisturizer in favor of lightweight oil for my nighttime regimen. 

a. The Splurge

Herbivore Botanicals Phoenix Facial Oil, $88

This all-natural blend of oils heals and softens while I sleep. Just peep the ingredients and you’ll be a convert.  

b. The Steal:  

Coconut Oil, $10

I also love to lather on coconut oil before I go to sleep on my driest areas like elbows, heels and knees. I also put some on the ends of my hair if they are feeling particularly dry for some TLC. 

4. The Organic Cotton Espadrille 

This is the essential summer shoe - lightweight, breathable, and so comfy. 

a. The Splurge: 

Natural Eco Espadrille, $86

These have a super cushioned sole and come in a stone grey and coral. 

a.    b. The Steal

A&A Off-white Espardilles, $34.90

An organic cotton spin on a trendy shape.

5. The Pre Sun Skin

a. The Splurge:

Aveda Sun Care Protective Hair Veil, $28 

This spray protects hair with UVA/UVB filters naturally found in wintergreen and cinnamon bark oil. It also has organic sunflower oil, essences of neroli,  and ylang-ylang. 

b. The Steal:

Honest Sun Screen, $13.35

This mineral based sunscreen is cruelty free and free of harsh chemicals. It also comes in a stick.

6. The After Sun Skin 

a. The Splurge and the Steal:  

Aloe Vera Gel, At $5.95 for 8oz. this is more of a Steal.

This aloe vera gel is cold pressed from organically grown plant fillets and is perfect to soothe sun-scorched skin.

There is nothing better than being outdoors in the summer, and these essentials will keep you glowing inside and out well into fall.