Ella’s Kitchen®, from Their Kitchen to Yours!

October 22, 2015 by Danielle Taylor

In today’s hectic, fast paced world every minute in the day counts. I find myself running from the moment I roll out of bed to the evening hours when I lay the kids down to rest. Between, school, work, social activities and sports, life is full. When I came across the Ella’s Kitchen® brand I had two simultaneous reactions; thank goodness and why didn’t I think of that! They have made healthy baby food portable, tasty and fun. It really could not get any easier to feed your baby a variety of flavors.

The Ella’s Kitchen® brand uses organic, simple ingredients—no ascorbic acid or citric acid, just lemon juice concentrate. The unique flavors and fun food names—try wakey wakey mango banana strawberry multigrain baby cereal or apples carrots + parsnips baby food puree—colors and textures appeal to adults and little ones alike. They have thoughtfully created a line of food that meets the many needs of moms on the run from baby food to toddler years. There is nothing better than giving your child food that they are excited to eat and I can honestly say that this brand brings a smile to my little one’s face! The Ella’s Kitchen® brands kindness extends beyond creating delicious, organic baby food. They give back to their local community and diligently work to lessen their carbon footprint through programs such as the TerraCycle pouch recycling program and giving back to organizations such as No Kid Hungry. What could be better than that?

When you care about what you are feeding your little ones the Ella’s Kitchen® brand is a go to food that you can feel good about.