Eco-Smart Nut Butter

August 27, 2015 by Mambo Team

This is a sponsored post. 

Ever wonder how your food is produced? There’s a growing desire among many socially conscious people to use their grocery dollar to support good causes and fair practices. One company offers an inspiring example of how we can nourish ourselves and promote a better world. 

Employee owned since 1978, Once Again Nut Butter has worked to develop and support fair trade small organic coops and farms, as well as educational, medical and employment programs in Nicaragua. Their annual donations provide assistance to impoverished Americans, disaster victims, and community support efforts.

For over 20 years, Once Again has been developing Jubilee House Community, a charity expanding sustainable organic farming in Nicaragua. Started with sesame seeds planted on a four-acre test plot in 1995, their tahini is a cooperative effort between worker-owners in Nunda, New York and worker-owners in rural Nicaragua.

Once Again Nut ButterToday, sales from Once Again sesame seed tahini help to sustain 11 separate Nicaraguan coops supporting 2000 families! Since the climate allows three growing seasons, an organic cotton crop grows between sesame rotations. Once Again provided equipment for Jubilee House to develop a sewing cooperative based on this cotton crop. When hurricane Mitch devastated Nicaraguan economy and farmland, they provided micro-loans to restore fields and re-establish the crop rotation. 

Non-GMO VerifiedThe quality of small farms, organic agriculture and the power of cooperation results in the nations’ #1 best selling organic sesame tahini, #1 best selling organic sunflower seed butter and #1 best selling organic cashew. Why not spread integrity?