Eco Friendly, Fun Holiday Wrap

December 16, 2015 by Danielle Taylor

I’m not the best gift wrapper. (I do feel that I’m a good gift giver, but I’ll save that for another story.) I love a pretty package though, so every year I buy lots of lovely paper, string and bows. I think it is important to put effort into your gift wrap and I try to make the package look as nice as possible, despite my less than stellar wrapping skills. This year I’ve stumbled across a few ideas online that I cannot wait to try. They are eco friendly, inexpensive and personalized. I don’t think anyone could expect more than that. To make these packaging masterpieces you will need plain brown wrapping paper, markers, photos (black and white or color) and adhesive.

If you are like me and have a little artist in residence you should hand over the paper to them and let them have at it. The paper should then be colored to suit the taste of the person who receives the they love cats, so the paper is covered in paw prints and meows. By using the recipient's favorite colors or creating a drawing of something that they especially like, you are making it special to them. Who wouldn’t enjoy a gift wrapped in paper made especially for them?

Another great way to personalize and save time and the paper wasted on cards is by printing out a picture of your intended recipient and pasting it to the package. I’m always bothered by filling out to and from cards. The designated space is so small and my handwriting is never quite right. This year I printed up a pile of favorite photos of my loved ones and slap them on every brown paper wrapped gift. I’m imagining that the pile of gifts covered in my loved ones likenesses will look smashing under the tree and will be a nice little surprise for everyone.

I would love to hear what you think of these wrapping ideas or any fool proof wrapping ideas you have in the below comments.