The DREAM™ Team: Almond, Rice, Soy, and Coconut!

July 20, 2015 by Danielle Taylor

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Now that summer is fully upon us, the kids are out of school, days are light-filled and mornings are more relaxed.  I love our summer routine of adventuring to the pool, beach, movies, museums, and outdoor markets. I relish this memorable time and love planning new activities to keep the days exciting.

Another way that you can tell it’s summer in our house is by looking in our freezer. It is stocked with DREAM™ frozen desserts! Since we all have a bit of a sweet tooth in our family, and we do not consume cow’s milk, I was happy to find DREAM™ products at our favorite food store.  Their line of plant-based frozen desserts is amazing.  DREAM™ comes in almond, rice, soy, and coconut bases...they’re available in pints, and quarts as well as novelties: bites, pies, bars and sandwiches, too.  They are so refreshing and satisfying on hot summer days and nights.

DREAM™ uses real almonds in their Almond DREAM® products, so they are truly delicious.  There are many ways to enjoy these non-dairy* treats - scoop the pints, grab a sandwich and pop the Bites!  The company’s commitment to creating wholesome desserts becomes evident when you look at the nutritional information.  


The products have no cholesterol, no trans fat and no lactose - they use the finest ingredients to make their delicious desserts. The DREAM™ brand is also a proud supporter of the Non-GMO Project, a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing consumers with education regarding non-GMO food sources. Look for their logo on select products.

The DREAM™ brand has created outstanding frozen desserts for over 30 years, and I’m excited that my family has found a non-dairy* frozen dessert we can all enjoy!  And even if you do eat dairy, you can also enjoy the delicious taste of DREAM™ frozen desserts.

*Dream™ Bites, Bars and Pies contain traces of milk, suitable for lactose intolerant individuals, not for milk allergic individual.