Don’t Sweat It with Lafe’s

October 14, 2015 by Rachel Jenkins

Body odor is literally the pits! There are so many deodorant choices crowding the shelves, it can be overwhelming to make a decision. Do I want to smell like lavender or shower fresh? Do I want spray, roll on or stick? Most people, however, aren’t asking the important questions like, what kind of chemicals am I putting on my body? Unfortunately, most sweat-stopping aluminum based deodorants and antiperspirants use nasty chemicals (parabens and triclosan) to block sweat.

If you want to go natural, but slathering baking soda on your underarms is too extreme for you, try using a natural deodorant brand, like Lafe’s. They offer a wide selection of natural deodorants that are all propylene glycol free: 6 roll-ons (Extra Strength, Fresh, Soothe, Bliss, Active and Unscented) 4 sprays (Aloe Vera 8oz and 4oz. and Soothe 8oz. and 4oz), 4 sticks (Active, Fresh, Sooth and Unscented) and 2 crystals (4.25oz. and 2.25oz). There is something for everyone!

So, what made me reach for Lafe’s when there are so many other natural deodorants available? Their new line of stick deodorants offer clinically tested 24 hour protection! That’s right. 24 hours. Clinically tested! This is a huge achievement for a natural deodorant.  Lafe’s deodorants are formulated for all ages using pleasant aromas with natural antibacterial agents to keep you feeling fresh and odor free all day long. Their deodorants have even been internationally awarded for their effectiveness. Best of all, they glide on smooth as silk with no skin irritation or staining and oily residue, which some natural deodorants produce. Also, keep an eye out for Lafe’s brand refresh, with a new contemporary look.

A safe and effective natural deodorant that actually works—Lafe’s--the sweet smell of success!

This is a sponsored post.