A Detour Worth Taking

December 7, 2015 by Emily Curran

Traffic: the world’s greatest and most commonly shared pet peeve.  We fight against work traffic every day. We are constantly on hold with customer service traffic that gets streamed through to the “next available operator” at the gas or cell phone company, or mastering the best pattern to navigate the foot traffic through the busy sidewalks of town.

Then there’s grocery store traffic, where, after you’ve faced the chaos presented by the parking lot outside, you have to maneuver a cart that desperately needs its right front wheel greased through endless aisles that are never designed for more than two carts at one time.  

RiceSelect TexmatiAnd even after all of that effort and patience you’ve exerted, you end up arriving at an ominous wall of selections of the same product in a million different brands that sets off a whole new traffic jam in your mind, just to ensure that nothing during the course of your day is as simple as it could be.  Seriously- how many different kinds of Brown or Jasmine rice can there be? Apparently there are a lot.

While there might be no way out of work day, phone hotline, or sidewalk traffic, there is a very helpful detour to get around the internal congestion of grocery selection overload; it’s called RiceSelect®. At least with my cart, the other rice products never even need to be considered. I squeak my way straight to their section, pick up a container of my favorite basmati long-grain Texmati®, and keep on wheeling because, as far as I’m concerned, RiceSelect® is home. 

With the satisfying nutty flavor and delightful aroma RiceSelect® has offered me a thought-free rice detour for years. RiceSelect® is gluten free and low in fat, cholesterol, and sodium, and has a unique texture that I have never been able to match with other rice products. It’s also certified Kosher and Non-GMO verified, and it’s produced domestically by American farmers.  


In light of all of these benefits, my hands practically direct themselves straight to the right shelf every time. I like to think of it as “grocery store cruise control”: a brief, shining moment in my day when I can sit back, take a deep breath, and let the rice do the driving.​