A Letter to Mom

May 4, 2015 by •

Dear Mom,

As Mother’s Day draws ever-closer, I have found myself constantly reminded of how lucky I am to have you.  Yesterday, I saw a little girl chasing after her mother in Whole Foods, and I reminisced to the days when you sat me in the front of your cart, rather than promote my treacherous, high-speed aisle navigation with arms tucked into my shirt in replication of a Tyrannosaurus Rex.  And just last week, I had the pleasure of sharing a dressing room with a mother and daughter at Macy’s, bickering over “what’s hot” and “what’s not.”  It made me yearn for the chance to humor your modest taste in fashion, and to help you accessorize with all of those loud, vintage statement scarves you wear so well.

You’ve always had my best interest at heart, and for that, I truly thank you.  In your selfless love, you pioneered my healthy eating and living habits that have become critical to me as an adult.  It seems like only yesterday that you held me hostage at the dinner table until I finished choking down my spinach, or held my nose while you forced warm, pulpy carrot juice down my throat.  Back in those days, I envied my friends pantries that were stocked with corn syrup and preservatives but now, I am proud to be the unofficial group nutritionist amongst my peers.  When it came to my favorite lotions and perfumes, I always thought your “no scents” rule made “no sense,” but as it turns out, a life without toxic odors is the only life for me!  

Because of you, I now stop to enjoy the beauty in interesting rocks, or the miraculous character in a slightly crooked, garage sale rocking chair.  You taught me how to fold the best hospital corner this side of the Mississippi.  You showed me how to dance like no one is watching, despite the fact that everyone is.  You instilled in me the remarkable ability to entrust strangers for guidance when I am lost, which comes in handy often as you have also passed down your terrible sense of direction.  And all of these traits make up the person I am today, who is without fail, and more so with every passing day, your daughter.

Although we live a few hours apart now and I have grown to become an independent woman (who still brings her laundry home on holidays), I want you to know that you are with me wherever I go.  Because a daughter, no matter how much she fights or embraces it, is the shimmering reflection of her mother’s best self.  So thank you for being the best mother, health coach, and friend a girl could ask for.  You’ve set a high bar as far as role models go, but I gladly accept the challenge to be just like you!

Happy Mother’s Day.

Love always,

Your (gluten-free) Muffin Nose