Confessions of a Healthy Snacker

October 2, 2015 by •

I have a serious purse problem.  Between random coffee and gas receipts, spare sunglasses, and options for leisurely reading, my bag is constantly weighed down by clutter.  Among the clutter, however, I make sure to keep my snacks fully stacked because they are the most useful purse components a girl can have.  You never know when you will get stuck in a 2 hour traffic jam at the brink of starvation, or when your mother will decide to have a 50-minute “catch up” during your 60 minute lunch break.

Purse snacks can be tricky, though.  A snack that is too fragile might not be able to withstand the wear and tear of my hectic lifestyle, but something too bulky would never fit in my chaotic handbag.  I also like to make sure that the ingredients in my midday snack are substantial, real foods that will find a place within my restrictive diet.  Luckily, I recently encountered CLIF® Kit’s Organic fruit and nut, and fruit and seed bars in my local natural grocery store. 

These snack bars are the perfect size to throw in my bag when I’m in a rush, and contain nothing but 100 percent organic fruits and nuts that keep me satisfied between meals.  CLIF® Kit’s Organic™ bars are a dream come true because, much like me, they are gluten AND dairy free, as well as non-GMO and soy-free.  As I sit here enjoying my Dark Chocolate Almond Coconut bar (which just so happen to be three of my favorite foods on the planet), I can’t help but marvel at the short list of ingredients and other tempting flavors such as Dark Chocolate Walnut, Cashew, and Cherry and Pumpkin Seeds, that are all 200 calories or less.

CLIF® Kit’s Organic™ bars were inspired by organic farmer, owner, and co-CVO at Clif Bar & Company, Kit Crawford, who is quoted on the back of every wrapper about her delight of simple food.  As if the product didn’t already speak for itself, it makes my snacking experience that much better to know that the manufacturer cares just as much about my snack’s ingredients as I do!  

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