Pssst…I have a secret…this carb is a fit food!

January 29, 2016 by T Cassandra Straile

Guess what?! Carbs are good! Yes! You heard right! Not all carbs, of course but one of the top healthy carbs is rice. Not only is it a complex carb, meaning it is high in fiber and is digested slowly by your body, but it is high in nutrients, low in sodium, low in fat, low in cholesterol and is gluten-free.

RiceSelect TexmatiRice is one of my go-to starches as part of my clean eating lifestyle. It is a whole food, is very filling and provides long-lasting quality energy for my active lifestyle. Since it has a soft neutral flavor, I can incorporate it into almost any meal and it has endless recipe possibilities. And the best part—it’s super affordable! Rice fits into anyone’s budget.

I am also a stickler for quality: especially in my food! With all the different brands of rice out there it can be very overwhelming to make the best choice. I rely on RiceSelect® Texmati® rice to deliver quality rice with amazing flavor. Displaying a delicious combination of all natural flavor and delightful popcorn aroma, along with being Kosher Certified by Star K and Non-GMO Project Verified, it’s a no-brainer at the grocery store! It’s also a great option for cooking in bulk – which saves this busy single mom a ton of time. Cook a few cups of Texmati® rice and stick ‘em in the fridge and I’ve got my healthy carbs in a snap or on the go!

Next time you’re at the store searching for a healthy carb fix, remember rice—and grab my fave—RiceSelect® Texmati® rice—for dependable quality and unbeatable flavor. With rice, there’s no shame in my carb game!