Bring Back Real Soda

February 10, 2015 by Mambo Team
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Many health-conscious Americans are trying to avoid mass market sodas, due to their use of highly processed ingredients and high calorie content. While it was once believed that diet sodas were a legitimate alternative, it has become evident that they come with a price, given the artificial sweeteners they contain, such as aspartame, saccharin, and sucralose.

There has long been controversy around chemical sweeteners. We’re now learning that they may behave like sugar in your body, triggering insulin which in turn sends your body into fat storage mode, promoting weight gain. Some health experts also note that since chemical sweeteners are vastly sweeter-tasting than sugar, they can corrupt the palate so that natural foods seem less appealing.

When soda was first invented it was made with natural ingredients like cane sugar and fruit juice, before corn syrup replaced cane sugar and processed substances became “acceptable” substitutes for real ingredients. Back then, soda was a more innocent treat. Veri spent years crafting a soda that takes you back to those early days. We’re talking soda the way it used to be made, with gentle carbonation and significantly less sugar, in flavors you remember fondly, like Orange, Cola, Lemon-Lime and Ginger Ale.

Veri sodas are made with all organic ingredients including organic cane sugar and organic fruit juice, so there are no concerns about highly process or artificial ingredients. And with only 60 calories per can, there is no concerns about excessive ‘empty’ calories. Enjoy!