Back to Basics

May 28, 2015 by Amy Needle

When you think of soda, you automatically think a can full of sugar. Traditional sodas are packed with sugar and rank high in “foods to avoid.” And diet sodas made with artificial sweeteners aren’t any better. But sometimes you just want a flavorful, carbonated drink to quench your thirst, so what’s a girl to do?

Thankfully, I’m not the only one who had this problem. Veri Soda spent years crafting a soda with no artificial colors, flavoring or sweetners. It was time to get back to basics, and boy they sure did that. This innocent treat takes me right back to my childhood days of enjoying a refreshing, cold cola on a hot summer’s day.

Pouring in at just 60 calories, Veri is also the first ceritifed organic, low calorie soda. It’s lightly carbonated, allowing you to taste the flavors and not be uncomfortably-bloated later on (which is a huge plus for me). And unlike zero calorie soda, there’s no harsh after-taste left in my mouth.

Veri comes in the four classic varieties of Cola, Lemon/Lime, Orange, and Ginger Ale, all made with organic ingredients including organic cane sugar and organic fruit juice. And did you know, only ‘organic’ cola and ‘organic’ ginger ale are remedies for upset stomaches. So on top of a refreshing soda, Veri is also a true stomach soother!

I love serving this at parties because I know it’s a drink everyone can enjoy, from the adults all the way down to the little ones. You can mix it with your favorite cocktail, enjoy it with your meal, or sip it alone and have no guilt about it. Finally, soda is no longer a four letter word.