Back to Nature is “All Aboard” the Gluten Free Train!

February 5, 2016 by •

You know that tingly, warm and fuzzy feeling you get when you already love a product, and then you find out its also gluten-free? I just got it again.

As an already borderline eccentric fan of granola and its many fiber-full benefits for the brain and skin, I could barely contain my excitement when I found out that Back to Nature now offers a gluten free option. The news opened a floodgate of possibilities for the “grab and go” breakfasts that control my week. Now I can feel like a real cereal eater again, a shameless snacker, or just a daring dairy-free yogurt eater who’s looking for an extra crunch. Even better still is the fact that Back to Nature granola doesn’t just stop at the Classic flavor. Thanks to their new transition, my granola game just got six times better with the options of Sunflower and Pumpkin Seed, Apple Blueberry and Chocolate Delight—all available in stores near you this May and starting in March be on the lookout for Cranberry Pecan, or Vanilla Almond Agave! 

back to nature

And the excitement doesn’t stop at granola: Back to Nature now also offers gluten free options for crackers, soup and cookies, and they are all delicious. I have spent the last three years taste-testing every gluten free cookie that I have come across with very little success, so you can bet that I rewarded myself with an entire box when I discovered Back to Nature’s!

gluten free Non-GMO badges

In addition to meeting the inquiries from consumers for more gluten free products, Back to Nature has even gone a step further by striving to obtain non-GMO verification and/or USDA organic certification for all of their products by the end of this year. They are a brand that truly puts the diets and the well-being of their fans before anything else, including gluten!

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