5 Brilliant Summer Vacation Hacks

July 12, 2017 by Justine Pfeffer

Whether you are having a staycation right at home or planning an adventurous road trip, these genius vacation hacks will make life a little easier! Our #VacationHacks contestants gave us some insight on how to save time, money, and space. Get some ideas below!

1. Shower Cap Your Shoes

Don’t worry about your clothes getting dirty in your suitcase. Wrap a shower cap over the soles of your shoes for a clean travel.

2. Color Code Your Key

It can be a struggle when you have a million things in your hand and can’t find the right key to open the door. Try painting your house key with nail polish to separate from the other keys on your keychain. It can be as simple as a painted dot or an artwork masterpiece.

3. Recycle Sunscreen Bottles

If you’re heading down to the beach or pool, take an empty sunscreen bottle with you. Fill it with cash, credit cards, keys, etc. for safekeeping.

4. Use a Contact Lens Case

Not only can you use this for the most obvious reason (storing your contacts) you can fill the case with any type of liquids or creams without bringing the whole bottle

5. Drop a Pin

Are you planning to visit a new city, but afraid to get lost? Google Maps has got you covered! Once arrived, hold down on the location you plan to visit and a pin will appear.

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