4 Gluten Free Sweet Treats for Mom

May 6, 2016 by Mambo Team

How do you show love to Mom this Mothers' Day? You bake! And since Mom may be staying away from gluten these days here are 4 easy, tasty and affordable (um, see our coupons) Gluten Free recipes to put in your Mothers Day archive.


Cherry Coffee Cake Braid

This marvelous gluten-free coffee cake gets its sweet-tart taste from cherry preserves, and its eye-catching braided look from a simple trick.


Vanilla Nut Power Potion

Looking for a tasty shake to give you some "get up and go"? Try this quick and simple recipe, you're sure to go 'nuts' for it.


Chocolate Cake Brownies

Try these delicious brownies chilled and top them with some fresh strawberries and walnuts for even more flavor.


Raspberry Lemon Cake with Vegan Cream Cheese Frosting

This lightly sweetened cake has a lovely, balanced flavor of fresh raspberries and lemon.


Love your Mom and Bake on! She'd do it for you!