3 Easy Ways to Detox this Summer

August 5, 2016 by Mambo Team

This is a sponsored post.

Summer is a time to let loose and be carefree; a lifestyle which doesn’t exactly promote the best nutritional discipline.  It always seems like a great idea in the moment to chase an ice cream truck down the street or to throw a few extra hot dogs on the “bar-b ,” but these eating habits cause some serious and unnecessary overtime for our digestive systems.  Thankfully, there are a few smart (and easy!) choices that you can make in the midst of this laid-back season to detox from summer food, without missing out on any summer fun.

  1. Hydrate.  By keeping up with the recommended eight glasses of water a day, you can single-handedly help your body to flush out excessive toxins.  Better yet, you can limit your intake of excessive toxins just by making the switch from plastic to a stylish glass or Stainless Steel water bottle.

  2. Choose organic.  You hear it all the time, which is all the more reason to listen.  Swap out your conventional produce wherever you can for an organic choice to avoid the pesticides and to indulge in a fresher, more flavorful taste.

  3. Detox Daily.  Try using supplements like milk thistle or the Amazing Grass’s Detox & Digest that has over 24 cleansing ingredients and 1 billion probiotics to help with the daily elimination of toxins plus gut health support so you can feel amazing every day even after those carefree summer nights!