3 Cheers for Sustainable Packaging

April 19, 2018 by •

Tupperware, as practical as it is, can only get you so far. Waste is unavoidable these days, despite the many valiant attempts that we all make to prevent excessive packaging trails. Even if we make our own food, cooking still requires ingredients that come in their own respective cartons or containers that gather in piles over the years. And if there were some miraculous way to completely avoid the waste we produce through food packaging (like eating our wrappers), there is still no getting around the boxes and bags that carry our necessary, everyday purchases.

Unfortunately, packaging has become a necessary evil that we all must face, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t be faced sustainably. In the past few years, several steps have been taken to “green up” the way our goods are packaged and we can’t wait to give them a try!

1. Plant power.

Single-serve containers are a single-serve recycling nightmare. Because of their size and difficult-to-recycle mixture of plastics, empty yogurt containers frequently end up joining the other failed recyclables in a great, unrecyclable mess. But what if these plastic containers were made from something other than plastic? Stonyfield asked this question too, and they went a step further to answer it. By making their yogurt containers out of plants instead of plastic, they not only help the earth to digest the waste, but produce 48% less greenhouse gas emissions in production.


Image Courtesy of Stonyfield.com

2. Shopping in style.

No one can resist the urge to shop online, and who can blame us? With the constant bombardment of cyber sales and added convenience of having our spoils mailed directly to our front doors, it’s nearly impossible to say no. That’s why companies like EcoEnclose are so important. Their 100% recycled and biodegradable shipping supplies help to dramatically decrease the carbon footprint that follows our binge shopping habits.


Image Courtesy of EcoEnclose.com

3. Extra cheese.

Pizza boxes are a recycling dilemma that has plagued us for decades, but thanks to the revolutionary Greenbox, this dilemma might very soon come to an end. The innovative, corrugated design of Greenbox pizza boxes makes it a piece of cake (or, should we say a piece of pie?) to enjoy a guilt-free, eco-friendly pizza at any time of the day.

green box

Image Courtesy of GreenBox.com

As consumers, we have a strong responsibility to consume wisely. While our choice in pizzerias and clearance sneakers may seem insignificant at the time, they have a long-term effect on our environment, which is why it is important to consider the brilliant innovations above. When we all start to think about the outside just as much as the in, that’s when the world will know real packaging peace.